KUANTIN TRADING LTD. is the distributor for Kimlan Soy Sauce in west coast Canada. Through much hard work and dedication, Kimlan Soy Sauce and its line of products has successfully been promoted to become a well-recognized brand in the Canadian market. Accessible through our online website and at many supermarkets across Canada, we have expanded our selections from Asian foods such as cooking
sauces, Asian fruit juices, sweeteners, jelly, noodles/rice, pickled foods, to beauty products such as Facial Masks and many other items. We will continue to look for top quality new products to bring into the Canadian market to fit your everyday needs.


  • Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. – Authentic Chinese since 1936 ( Sole Canadian Distributor)
  • 2014 3-Star Superior Taste Award by iTQi
  • 2013 3-Star Superior Taste Award by iTQi
  • 2010 2-Star Superior Taste Award by iTQi
  • HACCP & ISO 22000 certified
  • GreenMax – Natural Grain Food Collection
  • HACCP, ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 certified
  • ABC Jelly – World No.1 Jelly Producer


Kuantin’s food products are available across Canada, from Vancouver to Quebec.
They are sold in many supermarkets and specialty retailers, including:

We are more than a food Distributior

Kuantin is more than a food distributor, we try to promote various Asian cultures through the food products we carry. We work with our retailers to inform customers of what we offer through product demonstrations, promotional events and product placements. Our goal is to make our quality and healthy products more accessible to the consumers across Canada.

What we believe

We believe in collaboration. Our experience in Canadian food distribution can play an integral part of your food product distribution in Canada.
Contact us at 1-604-277-8129 or info@kuantin.com for possible collaboration.